Eight Soundpieces by Angelica M. Busque

by Angelica M. Busque

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I don't really know what to say.

As many of you know, Angel Busque was a major part of Day2 Alliance, as well as a member of and inspiration to my sound project, Drekka.

She passed away, very suddenly but by all accounts happy, on the 8th of June 2012.

This is a hastily collected assemblage of all her pieces from Art Institute and as gifts to myself and others.

Her sound pieces and enthusiasm for Drekka and Day2 and... well, *everything*, were, are and will remain an inspiration to all who knew and love her.

Her rendition of the Day2 song 'Possibilities' eclipses my own, and I use it as a sound source in performances to this day. In fact, I used it in a performance I did the evening she passed.

If I find any more pieces, I will add them to this collection... if you have any that are not found here, please be in touch so I can add them.

Not much else to say, really.

Thank you, Angel. We love you.


released June 8, 2012

Self-released (ANGEL001)
digital release 08 June 2012

Tracks 2 - 5 originally released in summer 2001 as a CDR in an edition of 16 copies.

All by Angelica M. Busque, except:

Tracks 2 & 5:
field recordings by Gordon R. Pennington and Michael Ramsey

Track 4:
vocals - Mark Trecka, Angelica M. Busque
violin - Catherine Larson
lyrics - 'Possibilities' by Michael Anderson/Drekka, 'After Hours' by Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground

Jodi Hays-Gresham

Michael Anderson/4K Design

Tracks 1 & 8 originally recorded in 2002(?) as a birthday gift for me.

All by Angelica M. Busque, Mark Trecka and Riley Manion

Track 7 originally recorded in 2002 for Cathy Larson.

All by Angelica M. Busque



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