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Released in 2005 as Drekka's second full-length CD, this is a re-worked and trimmed down version of Drekka's fifth cassette, "Exactioning ep / Hermitage Two ep" (1998).

The first 75 copies ordered from Bluesanct came with a hand-made lyric booklet, produced on graph paper w/ a hand-sewn Japanese 'stab-style' binding. It contained the lyrics to both "Extractioning" and its companion, "Take Care To Fall" (2002).

We have included a PDF of this booklet w/ the digital download.

from the original 2005 press-release:

DREKKA is the work of MICHAEL ANDERSON, along with an occasional rotating cast of characters primarily drawn from the Day2 Alliance.

DREKKA has toured extensively in Europe as well as the US (with like-minded artists such as JESSICA BAILIFF, THE IDITAROD, IN GOWAN RING, RIVULETS, STONE BREATH, etc.) And despite only having released two proper full-length albums since 1998, it has contributed tracks to literally dozens of compilations as well as self-releasing many singles, EPs and short-run cassette releases.

Originally recorded in 1998 as two cassette EPs ('Exactioning' and 'Hermitage Two') DREKKA's new full-length is exactly what it claims; an extracting of the best tracks from those two EPs into a new, coherent work. Remastered, re-sequenced and then packaged in all it's shiney metallic glory. 'EXTRACTIONING' is an album that has been called 'strikingly diverse and surprisingly upbeat, shedding the acid folk veil and treading into acoustic indie pop at times'.

The album is based around a simple philosophy: 'Way back, when I was a child, I could clearly see that the world that surrounds us is full of endless possibilities. And now, I am not a child. But, I still try to see that the world that surrounds us is full of endless possibilities. IF YOU WANT IT TO.'

It is a philosophy that is presented lyrically in the albums central track 'Possibilities' (#4), sung in loops while typewriters takes down the dictation for dissemination via pamphlet or by any means necessary. DREKKA's music is cinematic, vague and endlessly hopeful.

"a series of short films, bleeding ambient rainy days and nights into the somnambulant proceedings." - George Parsons, DREAM MAGAZINE

“Imagine two radio stations separated on the bandwidth by just a hatch mark or two, the first partial to Sonic Youth's Contre Le Sexisme and bootlegged outtakes from old Eric's Trip rehearsals, the second streaming the Kranky pick of the month. If you were to get in your car, move the dial right between the two stations, open the windows, and drive straight out of range you'd have the closest approximation of Drekka's.” - Magnet Magazine

This digital re-release contains JPGs of the original artwork, plus a PDF of the hand-made book that came with the first 75 mail order copies.


released March 1, 2005

Bluesanct (INRI075)
digital re-release 16 December 2012

from the original liner notes:

DREKKA - Extractioning

secretly recorded 14-30 November 1998
_____at 3rd Hermitage Floor and studio17

all sounds exacted and exactly sounded
_____by Michael Anderson, except:
__________drums by Jimmy Volltar
__________03. is by Cat Power
__________07. is by Donovan
__________09. was collected from various pious sources

all tracks originally released on cassette
_____as INRI044 - Exactioning ep / Hermitage Two ep

c+p 2004, Bear's Friend's Music, ASCAP

design by 4K Design
cover photo by Kirstin Grieve

approx. 36 min. total


a Day2 Alliance product


They cancelled my birthday. (true story)



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