Howl on Wind

by Drekka

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While preparing for a tour, I will generally record some of the practices. A sort of tradition of mine is to take some of these recordings and make a little 'tour only' release. A good way to get a little extra money at the merch table, and if someone liked something from the set in particular, it will likely be on the EP.

For the 'Howl on Wind' tour Drekka did in 2004 w/ rivulets, Wim at Morc was kind enough to put together this 'tour only' EP for me.

Recorded a week before flying out, it contains a pretty good idea of what Drekka sounded like on the tour.

I am not entirely happy with the vocals, listening back to it eight years down the line. But, it is what it is and there is a lot to it I do still enjoy.

And it reminds me of a very special tour w/ great friends.

This digital re-release contains photos of the original artwork from the hand-made edition, plus photos of the studio during which the recordings are taken.


released October 22, 2004

Morc Records (MORC035)
digital re-release 06 December 2012

from the original insert:

DREKKA - Howl on Wind EP

01. Loop intro
02. Howl on until the end of the world
03. I am the greatest of all lies
04. Cold Night
05. Loop outro

performed live and mixed by Michael Anderson
at the Day2 Compound, Oct 13-15, 2004.
no overdubs were used in the recording process

all songs written by and sounds performed by
Michael Anderson (2004, Bear's Friend's Music, ASCAP),

01. contains playback of the song 'This quiet room'
by Annelies Monseré (2005, Bluesanct), as well as
samples from 'Field Works - Volume 1' (2003, Orange Twin Records)

03. written by Damien Jurado (2003, Browncoat Music, BMI / Acuarela).
The drum loop was sampled from Damien's original recording.

04. written by Annelies Monseré (2005, Bluesanct)

05. contains samples from 'Field Works - Volume 1'
(2003, Orange Twin Records)


released in celebration of the DREKKA / RIVULETS
2004 "Howl On Wind" tour of Europe

design by 4K Design


part of Morc's 'Une serie pour gagner d'argent' 3" series



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Drekka Bloomington, Indiana

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