Take Care To Fall

by Drekka

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Released in 2002 as Drekka's first full-length CD, this is a re-worked version of Drekka's fourth cassette, "There can make nothing of difference" (1998).

The first 75 copies of Drekka's second full-length CD, "Extractioning" (2005), came with a hand-made lyric booklet, produced on graph paper w/ a hand-sewn Japanese 'stab-style' binding. It contained the lyrics to both "Extractioning" and "Take Care To Fall".

We have included a PDF of this booklet w/ the digital download, as well as JPGs of the original artwork and press-sheets.

This digital re-release contains the bonus track, k.joy - "Sway" (Drekka mix). It was recorded during the same sessions as much of the album and originally submitted to a couple comps that never came out.

from the original 2002 one-sheet:

DREKKA is the work of Bluesanct figurehead, Michael Anderson. Along with a rotating ensemble of players, DREKKA makes what has been coined 'experimental folk'; an attempt to record what goes on inside one's mind, to be shard with all the wonderful children who understand that the world that surrounds us is full of endless possibilities.

The result sounds as if Nurse With Wound were to produce Donovan... sort of.

Comparisons have been made to everyone from Flying Saucer Attack to Coil, from Leonard Cohen, Bright Eyes to Hafler Trio.

"DREKKA makes reverb-laden atmospheric pieces, largely guitar-based, about half instrumental. [DREKKA] has a by turns soothing and haunting quality, trading heavily but worthily on the atmosphere they create, in much the same way as a lot of Kranky's output. And that Drekka are in the same league is in no doubt."
- Speeder UK, ~1997


released April 2, 2002

Bluesanct (INRI029)
• CD = ltd to 1000 copies
• DIGITAL = unlimited

digital re-release 12 February 2014

from the original liner notes:

mostly recorded 21 Oct - 04 Nov 97 at Day2 White Square, Pdx, OR
_____the rest was recorded as early as Oct 97 and on through now
_____at various Bluesanct Hermitage studios.

most of the roles which go into the recording of an album,
_____incl. performance, composition, production and others
_____were taken care of by Michael Anderson.
_____the exceptions are:
__________k.joy co-wrote many of the Pdx tracks, as well as
_______________playing guitar, organ and singing
__________Chris Gregory layed down the wall of sound on 09.
__________Tiltmaster performed 10.
__________07. contains portions of the film, 'Capers & Pumpkin Seeds'
_______________by k.joy and starring Keith WIlson, Salinger Lewis
_______________and Chris Gregory
__________11. contains samples of Gordon Sharp singing, from
_______________Cindytalk's 'Wappinschaw' album (1994) RISE!
__________04. was written by FuscilLage
__________Kirstin Grieve co-wrote and plays guitar on 06.
__________05. contains filmnoise from the film 'Andrei Rublev'
_______________by Andrei Tarkvosky (1966)

pre-mastered by Brian Wotring and Michael Anderson
at Polar Studios, Chicago and God's Day Rules, Bloomington, IN

mastered by jr71 at Apex Studios, Grand Rapids, MI

c+p 2002, Bear's Friend's Music, ASCAP

design by 4K Design

Bluesanct Recording Corp.


thank you to all.

for Kirstin, all static films and stuffings and for the God in Three Persons

related topics include:
FuscilLage, Tiltmaster, k.joy, static films, Salinger Lewis, The Stuffings, 4K, Vir, John 19, Psalm 42, Andrei Tarkovsky, Orphanology, Mt. Gigantic, and all Day2 allies around the world

14 tracks running approx. 47 minutes

a Day2 Alliance product



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Drekka Bloomington, Indiana

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